the best food for cats

Cats are carnivores, which means that they need animal protein foods to be in good health, Like cooked, raw, or fresh meats, or meat bones. as for fish; It can be fed to the cat from time to time without including it in his daily diet. Because it contains high levels of fatty acids.

Newborn kittens food

  The ideal food for newborn kittens for the first four weeks is their mother's milk, if the mother was sick, the kittens can be fed formula milk, and a veterinarian can also be consulted in feeding the kittens specifically for this age.

Adult cat food

 It is advisable to feed adult cats an appropriate amount of food to provide them with the energy needed to perform various activities and to regenerate body tissues, and this varies according to the cat’s activity and size, all cats need the amino acid taurine. It is a very important acid in the process of reproduction, vision, and maintaining the health of the heart, and this acid is present in animal protein that can be obtained through meat rich in proteins necessary for the health of cats, and cooked beef, turkey and chicken can be eaten, and cats can also be fed small quantities of cold meat Those that are devoid of fat, and care must be taken to avoid feeding the cats damaged or raw meat that may harm the cats and cause them diseases.

Human food for cats

  Some types of human foods can be served for cats, here are some of these types:

Fish: Fish is one of the foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which increases the sharpness of the cats' eyesight, and eating them contributes to the treatment of many diseases such as kidney disease, infections, and heart disorders, and it is advised to avoid feeding cats uncooked fish. 

Eggs: Eggs are rich in protein necessary for the health of cats, make sure to cook it before feeding it to your cat, in order to avoid harming the cat's kidneys.

Wet food for cats

  Many vets refer to the importance of feeding cats wet food because they are carnivores and are not prepared to eat carbohydrates that are present in dry food more than wet, and cats by nature do not drink large quantities of water, so when the food is wet, water will be available in the diet.


  Cats eat all types of grains, including protein-rich oats, as well as corn, cornmeal, and ground cornmeal; So brown rice, barley and wheat can be offered to them, after they are mashed first, in addition to whole-wheat bread crumbs, and cats also like small grains. 


  Not all cats prefer vegetables, as well as fruits. As they cannot taste sweet flavors; However, they are all rich sources of vitamins, fiber, and water. It helps with digestion, and it is possible to offer the cat fresh cucumbers, as well as melon, steamed broccoli, or asparagus.

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