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Stray Cat Brings All Her kittens To Meet The Woman Who Helped Her
catlover 30 April 2021
  Chatons Orphelins Montréal One summer day, Lisianne was in her yard when she noticed a fluffy black cat wandering nearby. The cat belonged...
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Larry the Cat .. 10 years of "mice hunting" inside the headquarters of the British government
catlover 25 April 2021
  Larry the cat set a record for his job inside the British seat of government after spending longer than the heads of government themselves...
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15+ cats Who rock the world with their unique looks
catlover 21 April 2021
  Everyone's body is unique, but a few are born with unusual traits and appearances. As a result, these strange traits emerge and leave ...
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Cat Healthy Weight
catlover 11 April 2021
  Cat Healthy Weight Every cat, like every person, is unique and special. A healthy weight for one male cat may differ from another male cat...
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 does my cat miss me? 5 Signs Your Cat Missed You
catlover 04 April 2021
It's all too easy to imbue our pets with human emotions. Of course, we miss them when we go on holiday for a long time. Is it, however, ...
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Ginny The Shelter Dog Who Saved Nearly 1,000 Homeless Cats
catlover 16 March 2021
  some of you may be heard of Ginny, the Schnauzer/Siberian husky mix whose life-saving talent was legendary. When she was adopted from a sh...
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Reasons mother cats eat their kittens and how to prevent it
catlover 05 March 2021
  when do mother cat eat her kittens and how to prevent it Seeing a cat eat one or more of its newborn kittens can be a sad sight, and this ...
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19 warning signs that your cat is begging for help
catlover 04 March 2021
  No cat owner wants their cat to be in pain, but since cats can't tell us when something is wrong, it's up to us to recognize the s...
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How do I know that my cat loves me? Take this short quiz
catlover 02 March 2021
Our feline friends don’t always make their feelings obvious, so how do you know that your cat loves you? Pets have their own ways of comm...
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Cristiano Ronaldo's cat was flown in a private plane to Madrid for treatment
catlover 26 February 2021
  Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, star of Juventus, has had difficult days recently, because of his cat "Pepe", as he suffered ...
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