Bloodbath in Suburbia: Pet Chimp's Savage Rampage Leaves Woman Fighting for Life

Monkey attacking woman

The 911 call came in frantic and breathless. A woman was being mauled by a rampaging chimpanzee. When police arrived on the scene, they were met with a vision of horror.

55-year-old Charla Nash laid mangled and bloody in the driveway, her face ripped to shreds by the crazed primate. The 200-pound chimp named Travis had gnawed off her nose, ears, eyes and hands in a frenzied attack.

As paramedics desperately worked to keep Nash alive, police hunted for the deranged pet chimp who had suddenly turned on his owner's friend in a fit of anarchic violence. They soon spotted him creeping back to the scene of the crime.

When officers approached, the traumatized chimp exploded in a terrifying rampage. He smashed the mirror off a patrol car and tried to attack the cowering officer inside. Left with no choice, police fired repeatedly at the raging beast until he collapsed dead in a pool of blood.

But what triggered this shocking chimpanzee rampage in the quiet Connecticut suburb? Experts say chimps can be cute and trainable when young, but grow powerful and aggressive as they mature. They are wild animals that can unpredictably lash out if provoked.

14-year-old Travis had been raised by owner Sandra Herold almost like a child. But as he grew older, his primal instincts emerged. On that fateful day, something sent him into a frenzy. He ripped the key from Herold's hand, escaped outdoors and went berserk.

The chilling 911 audio captures Herold's panicked cries as Travis maims her friend. She can be heard screaming "He ripped her apart! Shoot him, shoot him!" before police gunfire finally ends the noise.

It's a sobering reminder that captive chimpanzees have the strength of multiple grown men and can attack without warning. Charla Nash miraculously survived, but was left critically disfigured. The next time an "adorable" baby chimp is on TV, remember Travis - and consider the monster within.

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