Cat owners are smarter than dog owners

Scientists conducted a survey in which 600 people participated, with the aim of determining the most intelligent, among dog lovers and cat lovers.

The survey included answering a number of questions, showing that people who love cats are more sensitive and introverted, but they tend to "violate the rules." Dog lovers are more active and have extensive social relationships.

Cat lovers are smart

a study confirmed that cats can score higher on intelligence tests than dogs, so cat owners are characterized by a high degree of intelligence due to their constant interaction with these cute creatures.

Dog lovers are more attentive

Dog lovers tend to be more attentive and obedient in nature, dog lovers strictly follows the rules while cat lovers tend to be rebellious as cats, and prefer to be practical rather than follow the rules.

Cat lovers are more extroverted

Cat lovers are always found to be more open than dog lovers, as this relies more on topics such as adventure, art, unusual ideas, and an overall sense of curiosity and experiences towards everything like cats.

Dog lovers keep things lively

Dog lovers are characterized by being more active and friendly than cat lovers, and this may appear in cats and dogs themselves, as dogs are always loving to interact and full of liveliness close to their owners permanently, while cats often prefer their own space and sleep for long times.

Cat lovers seek affection, and dog lovers seek companionship

a study indicates that people end up choosing pets based on their own personalities, as cats are often seen as independent animals that can take care of themselves and are wary of others, as opposed to dogs.

Cat lovers prefer solitude

another study found that cat owners were more likely to live alone, while dog owners preferred to live in a full-fledged family environment.

"Really dogs are more social, and it can be said that dogs compared to cats are more simple and humble," said psychology professor Denise Gastello, who presented the results of the study at a psychology conference in Chicago.

The results showed that cat owners are more intelligent than dog owners.

Interestingly, only 10 percent of the respondents affirmed their love for cats, while 60 percent expressed their love for dogs.

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