healthy cats treats and snacks

cat owners always want to provide their pets with the best of everything. thus, they do not hesitate in pampering their cats with their favorite treats and snacks, and sometimes without taking into account that this kind of kind will harm their pets in the long term. cats are like human beings, too many unhealthy snacks and treats will lead to obesity, and the latter might cause other illnesses and health problems like diabetes.  

many feline nutrient and experts say that it is fine to offer your pet treats and snacks as long as you do not exceed more than 10% of total calories because a healthy diet for your pet requires that 90%  of the calories should be provided from nutritionally high quality and complete cat food.

feeding your cat healthy treats and snacks would change your cat's life, as it is going to affect multiple aspects of it like appearance and weight.

 they say "you are what you eat" as humans, our bodies and looks say a lot about our health, cats are no different,  a healthier, better-looking cat is a result of having a more balanced diet including healthier snacks and treats.

the kind of food you are giving to your cat will be reflected in their skin, coat, etc.., so make sure to provide your pet with more organic treats and snack options that contain high nutritional values like sources of grains. rather than treat with chemical and artificial flavors and components. as they might cause many health problems especially on your cat's fur. another important point is that giving your cat healthier snacks and treats will diminish the possibility of having any kind of allergies related to one of the chemical ingredients, this food might contain. 

Maintaining healthier weight:

giving unhealthy treats and snacks might ruin your effort in feeding your cats healthy food so that it maintains her weight .high nutritional value snacks and treats will definitely make your cat's weight consistent in a healthy way, as result, your pet will have more energy to perform multiple physical activities like exercising or playing.

Tips you might consider when giving your cat treat and snacks:

1/ do not exceed the limits: 

be moderate when giving your cat treats and snacks. otherwise, your pet will get used to those snacks and treats and he may even refuse t eat its food.

2/human food is not an alternative for cat's food :

avoid giving your cat human food on every occasion, cat's food contains all the required vitamins and minerals your cat need for his own well-being. however, you can give very small portions of certain food like liver, tuna, fish, or even some milk, but make sure it is not on regular basis.

3/ be careful with toxic food :

food like grapes, onions, salt might seem healthy to you, but they are not that healthy for cats. these kinds of food may be toxic for your pet, so avoid adding any of them to your pet's treats and snacks without consulting your cat's vet.

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