charlie and maverick

In an adorable scene showing the values of loyalty, an 11-year-old dog, who suffers from blindness because of a blue water injury, found his four-month-old puppy companion who is a guide to help him to the fullest. Charlie and Maverick live together, and the puppy helps the older dog, as his guide on the road, food, and when playing.

The story quickly spread through social media when Chelsea, the wife's owner, submitted the dogs’ story and pictures to WeRateDogs, a social media account with millions of followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. which is usually gets at best 10/10 ratings until site users rated it 14 out of 10.

charlie and maverick playing

Dogs lovers users suggested creating an account on Instagram, for the two dogs, which their owner did, and within just four days, the account got more than 50k followers.

The wife of Adam, the dog's owner said, We had Charlie since he was a puppy, but he adapted to the older dog with being blind but he loves to play and walk and the old dog lost his eyes, as he got blue water, which the doctors had to remove, and then his other eye was injured. And removed after a year.

charlie and maverick playing

She added the two dogs became friends, and when the older dog drops a toy, the puppy hands it over to him and puts it back in front of him to get involved again in play, even while walking he helps the older dog.

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