cats in cages
Horrific video footage shows about 700 felines crying in pain from being crammed up in rusty cages found in a dirty backyard in northern China. The Cats were rescued in Linfen, Shanxi province. and most of them were stolen, and animal traffickers planned to sell them and deliver them to different restaurants to be slaughtered for their meat.

Cats found in rusty cages are now being taken care of and will soon be relocated, according to a local animal rescue group.

An animal lover, known as  Li, captured the horrific scene with the camera on June 13, 2020, and posted the images online on a Chinese social media network. Ms. Li discovered the poor cats in the backyard of a budget hotel after workers who worked there alerted her.

She told the media that the Cats had been brought from different parts of the country and were waiting to be transported to restaurants. She was shocked by the scene she saw in the backyard where she can be heard in the footage saying, " hundreds of cats here, hundreds. They are waiting to be served as food on the table. Help them."

saved cats in china

The local rescue group, Linfen "Small Animal Rescue", immediately went to the scene on June 18, 2020, after seeing Ms. Li's message online.

According to the rescue group, the approximately 700 cats have been rescued and will be taken care of by their volunteers. Their spokesman said: "almost all of them were moved to pet cages. We give them water and food. Veterinarians check whether there are injured or sick."

The organization released a video showing Linfen police authorities arriving at the hotel shortly after the incident. They are currently investigating the issue, according to local reports. Similarly, the media contacted the police to comment on the case.

saved cats in china

(as a cat lover I couldn't post the footage because it is very heartbreaking, but fortunately, they are rescued now). don't forget to share it

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