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Are winged Cats Real?

One day in Germany, there was a woman harvesting her crop from her farm on the outskirts of the city. While she was busy collecting her crop, she saw a cat near her, that cat was not an ordinary cat, but rather a cat with two wings on its sides!. The lady threw everything was in her hands and ran towards her house for fear of what she saw, and when she told her husband, he did not believe her and told her that she was illusions of extreme heat.

     In 2004 a black cat with two wings appeared roaming the streets of a city in Mexico, indifferent to the people who were looking at him with fear and calling him Satan. he attracted a lot of attention until he died by throwing stones .. the poor cat.
When these cats started appearing in some countries of the world, people disagreed about them and about the indications of their appearance .. I will try to summarize for you the most prominent of these opinions and hypotheses.

First, when it appeared in a small village in the countryside of Georgia, the people of this village believed that it brought good luck, blessing, and happiness, especially if someone gave it some food, then goodness would come, and whenever they saw that winged cat they gave him food and were happy to see him.
the funny thing about this belief is there are those who say that they are angels who have fallen from paradise in the form of a cat .. and say it is a gospel to those who entered his home by entering paradise! 

woman holding cat's wings

On the contrary, there are those who call it demons, because cats from ancient times were related to witches and sorcery, especially black cats, as they were their favorite animal, and there is one of their nickname in the demonic face. mainly, because they resemble those scary statues dating back to the Renaissance and spread over buildings in  Some ancient European cities.

These cats reappeared in mid-2008, specifically in the province of Sichuan in China.  people living in this province were so happy to see them to the extent of believing that these cats are holy and they could turn to be as angels coming from heaven...
 In another story, from japan this time, a woman lives in a town near Tokyo, with a tattoo of a cat with two wings on her leg, says that this cat visits her every day in the morning and does not leave her until the evening .. And the cat appears as two large wings.
Also, the strange thing about these cats is that in the Middle Ages, many drawings appeared depicting winged cats in different colors. These pictures are still preserved for this moment. Also, there are books and many sources from different eras confirming watching these winged cats.

But far from the hypotheses and myths, science has another opinion on this matter,  that these cats are nothing but ordinary cats, but they acquired this appearance due to a defect in their genes, meaning, those parts resembling the wings on their backs are nothing but birth defects, the cause of genetic imbalances. Perhaps this opinion confirms what was published by some sites and newspapers recently about a cat in China that has two wings .. Or rather, what looks like the wings, Which raised the confusion of residents and scientists.

white winged cat

   Finally, whatever their shape, cats will remain the meek, attractive, mysterious animal that many people love.

And dear reader, what do you think about this topic? Do you believe there are winged cats? Have you ever heard of stories about winged cats? In your opinion, why are these stories emerging in different parts of the world?.

I hope to hear your opinions.

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