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You want to protect your lovely cat from serious illnesses but you have no idea what to start with? in this article, I will shed light on certain key guidelines that might help you in designing an ideal health care plan for your pet. the first thing you should consider in your cat's health care is to test the cat's mouth.

  Recent studies show that common forms of oral diseases are likely to have a higher rate of developing more serious diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus( FIV), the feline version of (HIV), and feline leukemia virus ( FeLV). these diseases are contagious, they can easily spread from cat to cat( they cannot be spread to people), but do not worry the good news is that with early detection and proper veterinarian care, your cat will live a long and healthy life.

   Testing your cat has an essential key role in slowing the spread of these diseases especially that cats with (FIV) and ( FeLV)  have no noticeable symptoms.
the conducted study by veterinary clinics around the country has found that one in eight cats had FIV, FeLV, or both. a diplomat of the American veterinary dental college and the American board of veterinary practitioners, Dr. Jan Billows said that the study encourages testing cats that have gingivitis and other oral diseases for FIV and FeLV infection. this gives veterinarians valuable new information in their effort to highlight these contagious viruses. 

  Furthermore, the American Association of feline practitioners said that cats must be tested for FIV and FeLV - regardless of the previous negative result-, in the following cases: noticing any kind of behavior changes, including eating habits and grooming, or newly adopted cats or kittens, cats living in unknown infection status.
your cat's health care plan should be a combination of nutritional diet, close monitoring, and above all visiting veterinarians for a wellness exam twice a year.

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