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   Many cats owners believe that their cats are untrainable and too moody to listen, forgetting the fact that most of the time their pets do not obey simply because they do not understand what do you want from them. it is well known that cats are notoriously independent, but if you were trying to train it the wrong way, then naturally you will not make any progress.

  Good cat training requires time and patience. and this is the most important two things you should take into consideration before starting your training. first, it is wiser and preferable to start when the pet is young - from eight to ten weeks. however, cats at any age will do great. the second thing is to follow the" positive reinforcement policy", avoid scolding your cat's misbehavior, and praise good behaviors.

     Many cats owners are wondering about the best and the most practical way to start their cat's training. the first typical thing to start with is training him to come when you call him. make sure to create a helping environment, by avoiding a lot of noise or any other kind of distracting, this is important to make sure that he is in a good mood for training. you should make up your mind on a single command to teach, otherwise, you will confuse him with more than one command a time. the command must be short and easy to say like: come kitty or here kitty, then kneel down to the floor to be with her level. give the command in a happy and exciting voice, when your cat obeys your command and comes to you, make sure to reward her with her favorite treat and do not forget to praise her. if you wish to continue with this training, just change your place and do it again. however do not practice for more than ten minutes, your cat will end up feeling bored and will not respond to your call. you can train her from twice to three times a day for a week, and when you feel your pet gets this command, you may try another new command.

    There are other certain important things like, learning to tolerate a harness and a leash and learning to use a crate that your cat needs to learn for his own benefits.
when you are teaching your cat to tolerate a leash make sure to make learning a crate parallel to it. you can use a harness to teach your cat to use a crate. you can start by putting a harness on him but do not restrain him once it is in place. always praise his good behavior and give him his favorite treat. when your cute cat gets used to wearing a harness, attach the leash to it and let your pet lead throughout the place. you can make him follow you by using treats and praise.

  When it comes to teaching your cat using the crate, it is easier than teaching to tolerate a harness and a leash. cats prefer dark and warm places. put a comfortable blanket and your cat's favorite toy inside the crate, and do not forget to praise him when you put him there, will help your pet to get used to it. Do not praise him when he gets out because he will think it is a good thing. remember to let your cat in his crate a little longer each time, in the end, your cat will be trained enough to stay there. these are just simple and easy tips to show cats owners the benefits of giving your cat little discipline.  

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