Affenpinscher dog

The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest small-sized dog breeds that first appeared in Germany during the seventeenth century. Some paintings that have been found from the fifteenth century, showed that this type was once greater than his descendants who were found during that period. This dog has been raised for long periods to catch rats in kitchens and farms because this type of dogs has shown superior prowess and unusual activity, compared to peer dogs in finding locations of mice on the farm or horse stable to be caught and eliminated. in the late 1800s, A single and complete breed of this type of dogs has produced in southern Germany, and due to its thick fur and small size, the rich and famous preferred to adopt it. The United States of America imported the Affenpinscher dog after World War Two. now, it has more of this type than any part in the whole world.

Affenpinscher Dog Appearance:

           Affenpinscher is Like other dogs in shape and appearance except that it is characterized by thick fur, the coarse texture is relatively long for this type, black or gray color, with a small muzzle and small ears, and dark black eyes .this type of dogs was called  (monkey dog) due to the large eyes and the size of the lips(especially the lower mouth). its tail is short, it has been found some genetic mutations in the ancestors of this type in terms of colors. It was found in red and beige with a slightly larger size. This is with the dominant colors, black and gray.

Affenpinscher dog behavior:

          In fact, this type of dogs, although it is like the rest of the dogs in appearance, it differs somewhat from it, it is considered as a sub-descendant of the Doberman family. He is known to be very active and loves adventures, with a little stubbornness, and of course, loves to play, and have fun.  he is loyal and faithful to his owner, and he may be calm in nature and show love to his owner, but if he feels the danger or falls under any threat, he may be very fierce and in the event of extreme agitation.  Therefore, it is not recommended to have it in homes with young children.

History of the Affenpinscher dog :

           This type of dog, with its current shape, was discovered in Germany in the late 17th century as a home mouse catcher, and it was somewhat tall from the breed that exists today. This species was mated to domestic dogs when America imported them in 1900, Which in turn led to the emergence of this short strain that exists today. Then this new strain spread to become the most popular in Britain.

Interesting facts and features :

          the  Affenpinscher dog  (Avnbencher) was called in the 17th century in Germany  (Zwergaffenpinscher) or (Zwirge Avenbencher) which means literally (the dwarf monkey dog). it was called so because at that time it has a strange shape look like a little monkey.
This strain almost became extinct during World War II, but it was mated with the well-known (Brussels Griffon) strain. This breed resulted in a strain with a shorter muzzle and more prominence to the chin with the black color of the fur.

Origin: Germany
Group: Dog
Average size: 25 cm
Average weight: 3.6 kg
Average age: 12 years
Color: black, gray
mood: curious and always ready
Training: Moderate
Distinguishing features: dark black in color, wired hair, dark eyes

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