Abyssinian cat

The breed is named for Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia), where it is believed to have originated.  It is one of the domesticated cat breeds, The Ethiopian cat has become one of the favorite short-haired breeds of cats in the USA.

History :

   The name Abyssinia  [Al-Habashi] in Arabic refers to Ethiopia, but most stories refer to its origin in Egypt. Genetic research indicates that it originated near the coast of the Indian Ocean where most of the time colonists bought this cat from the wild animal traders and then transported it to Egypt to breed there.
Many sources indicate that the cat originated several thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, where the Ethiopian cat resembles cats painted on the walls of ancient Egyptian cemeteries, and ancient Egyptians also made statues of these cats.

The appearance :

 The Abyssinian cat is a medium-sized, tall brown cat, has a beautiful look, has been analogized to that of human fashion models. has large and erect ears, beautiful eyes, and a variety of colors but four main colors: Ruddy (golden brown), Sorrel (cinnamon), Blue (blue-gray), and Fawn (light brown). small and oval paws, and have beautiful brown legs and thin in proportion to the body, as well as have a relatively long and broad tail at the base and delicate at the end, usually There are lines at the front of the Abyssinian cat.


    The Ethiopian cat is a clever, playful, loving, and very active cat,  always busy playing and exploring. The Ethiopian cat is very popular among owners and breeders. Some Ethiopian cats are shy, silent, and polite abroad and while dealing with strangers. Some consider this trait very positive. The Ethiopian cat has great and attractive sounds.
Abyssinian cats need affection and love by the owners, and the owner must interact with them, take care of them and practice activities with them on a daily basis, otherwise, they will become depressed. They generally have good relationships with other cats, but some females may be nervous when interacting with other cats. The cat breeders know that the Ethiopian cat is very playful and loves to explore everything around. they love to play ball and other games and may spend hours busy rolling their favorite ball.

Q&A about the Abyssinian cat:

How much does Abyssinian cat cost?

On average, an Abyssinian kitten can cost anywhere from $500-$1200 from a reliable breeder.

How long do Abyssinian cats live for?

The Abyssinian's lifespan: 9-15+ years.

Are Abyssinian cats aggressive?

The Abyssinian cat is not particularly aggressive but it can be territorial and prefer one person above others. Most people say they are a gentle breed, however, there are always exceptions.

Do Abyssinian cats like to be held?

Abyssinian owners say that their cats love to be held only when they decide it's okay. They are very energetic so don't expect to just have a “lap cat.” Abyssinian cats also should exercise a lot in the house. Because they are smart cats, they need a lot of mind-stimulating playtime with their owners.

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