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       Many dog owners complain about their dog's behavioral problems, such as barking without stoping or mounting on people's legs. This is sad and disappointing because it means that their owners could not sort things from their dog's perspective and failed to understand their dogs. When your dog starts misbehaving, that does not mean he is disturbed or nasty, and of course, he does not intend to make you angry. Naturally, he is behaving as he is supposed to act like a dog.

    Dog misbehavioral problems are the result of many reasons such as nonstop barking, digging the ground, chewing, chasing anything moves, or even being aggressive sometimes. If you notice that your dog is barking all the time, that means he is trying to tell you something, but you could not understand what he wants to say or if he is digging the ground. Obviously, he smelled something underneath the ground. The main reason for your dog's chewing is that he is teething and not feeling well and comfortable. If you are annoyed because your dog is chasing every moving object, then you should understand that he is following his instinct. Sometimes you notice that your dog has turned into an aggressive one. Consider the situation you are in because he might be just trying to protect you.

   The majority of dogs who have "misbehavioral problems" are not receiving proper care and training from their owners. According to dog behaviorists and trainers, at least 20  of all misbehaviors have a connection with their health condition. That means your dog is misbehaving because he might be sick or even in pain. Whenever you notice a sudden change in behaviors, take your pet to his vet for a check-up.

   The second point you should be aware of is the imbalanced diet. Providing your dog with high protein food or fat and carbohydrates will cause hyperactivity. Also, sugars and starches and multiple other factors will harm your dog's health, thus misbehavior problems. And always make sure to check and read the label of your dog's food before giving it to him.

  The third point you have to bear in mind when it comes to an understanding of your dog's misbehaviors is lack of exercise. If your pet is not having any kind of training, he may have plenty of health problems. Also, he tends to be hyperactive. Dogs from different breeds need distinct types of exercises. You should take this into account before adopting a puppy.

  The fourth and the most significant issue that causes a dog's misbehaviors is the lack of a leader that means you. It is highly recommended to act as a leader to your dog because if not so, your dog is likely to display several aggressive and destructive behaviors like barking mounting, leg lifting, etc....
You should be informed all dogs can develop behavioral problems. However, these behaviors are not coming from nothing. They are the result of the environmental influence on your dog (including you).

   Dogs' behavioral problems can be controlled and even solved, but prevention is better than cure, all you need is to put effort to understand things from your dog's perspective when he displays such behaviors. Because that will surely help in making your relationship with your loyal friend healthier and last longer.

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