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  So you are thinking about adopting a new kitten, but you are not sure what are the important things to bear in mind when adopting this new family member. then, you must consider some of the most important key points that any cat owner should focus on. they are crucial to make sure that your cat is having a safe, happy, and comfortable life.  preparing a residence for your pet, deciding on a health care routine that suits your cat and other basic health habits will help you reach your goal.

    Raising kittens at home requires preparing a house that is safe and comfortable for them, you must choose a place that is within the house not separated like, a corner in the bedroom, an empty wardrobe, or even an empty rarely used room. the place must be warm, dry, and constantly cleaned, so that your cat feels safe and comfortable. 

   Another practical tip you should consider is to put a little box for the cat, to enable him to relieve their need in a safe and clean way. also, it is beneficial for you because it will keep your house clean. just remember to put the box in an easy to access place and avoid changing its place. clean the box every day otherwise, your cat will not use a smelly and dirty box.

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     The second important point to consider when adopting a cat is health care. your cat's health care must include its nutrition,  medical check-ups, and other basic habits that we are going to explain. a healthy cat is a result of a healthy diet. when thinking about the ideal diet to provide for your cat, you should take several factors into account like age, activity level, and health condition. at this point consulting a vet is the best option, to decide on a diet that is suitable for your pet. in addition to diet, you must provide clean and pure water for the cat every day and do not forget to clean its water container constantly. this way you will avoid any possibility of developing an illness caused by a dirty water or poor cleaning habits. however, if you noticed any signs of anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting, or lethargy, you must pay a visit to your cat's veterinarian to determine the causes of symptoms.

     Your cat's health care routine must include visiting the vet at least once a year, to do all the necessary exams, this is in normal cases. however, if you noticed any abnormal symptoms, take your pet to his vet immediately to avoid developing any other diseases, infections, or any kind of inflammation, especially if he was injured. moreover, there are other healthy habits you should take into account when raising a cat. though cats are known for their ability to keep themselves clean for a long time, it is recommended to clean and comb her regularly.

     Adopting a cat and taking care of him is great but remember there is always the risk of transmitting microbes and even diseases to people. it is advised to wash hands with soap and water whenever you are in contact with cats, and especially after cleaning their box. it is better to keep your cat away from stray animals outside, to avoid any possible risks.

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