Cat saves kids from snake


Hero Cat sacrifice himself to save two children from deadly snake

In a poignant incident, a cat named arthur saved the lives of two children after a poisonous snake, described as australia's most dangerous snake, infiltrated their garden, and although the cat was able to protect the children from the snake's danger, it died shortly afterwards.

Media reports that the two children were playing with the cat, in the backyard of their home, and in the meantime an eastern brown snake sneaked in and ended up right next to the children, a species known to have a deadly poison.

National Geographic  classifies the "Eastern Brown Snake" as "the deadliest in Australia,"  causing more deaths in Australia than any other species.

This type of snake is also described as hostile and fast, and is the second most poisonous snake in the world, so it was a deadly threat to the children.

According to the British Daily Mail, the cat pounced on the snake as soon as he saw it and managed to eliminate it, but the snake bites him during the fight, and the cat collapsed immediately and soon appeared to be recovering as if nothing had happened, but the next morning, the poison had spread to arthur's body. His owners  found him unconscious, unresponsive, and then took him to a veterinary hospital but it was too late.

The Australian Animal Emergency Service shared details of the story of arthur's death after saving the children's lives.

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