C.ronaldo's cat

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, star of Juventus, has had difficult days recently, because of his cat "Pepe", as he suffered an accident few days ago, and was on the verge of death, the British newspaper "Daily Star", highlighted the cat of the star Cristiano Ronaldo, pointing out that he was hit by a violent accident, after being hit by a car after escaping from the palace of the Portuguese player in the Italian city of Turin.

The rare cat, worth £2,600, bears the name of defender Pepe, ronaldo's former friend at Real Madrid, and also player in the Portuguese national team.

The cat remained in intensive care for a month and a half in Italy, after the accident before being flown on cristiano ronaldo's private plane to Madrid for adequate care and post-accident treatment.

The cat is a "Sphinx", a very expensive species, because of its rarity, and is also a friendly and very much beloved species for children.

Pepe has joined Cristiano Ronaldo's family since 2018, shortly after his move to Juventus, from Real Madrid, and has appeared in many photos with the Portuguese star.

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