Cats saved their owners from death

Few things are more heartwarming than a great pet story, especially when a furry family member shows extreme bravery to save someone from danger. The following heroic cats made the news for saving lives. 

1- the cat "Grace"

Cats saved their owners from death

 The cat "Grace" rescued her owner after she felt she was going through a health crisis, as Mrs. "Annette Shanahan" was feeling ill when she suddenly collapsed on one of the seats in her room due to her feeling dizzy.

"Grace" went to "Kevin", Annette's husband, who was sleeping in a separate room, locking his door, and she kept knocking on the door violently to alert her owner to a problem. Kevin woke up immediately when he felt there was something wrong with his cat's strange behavior.

"Kevin" called the emergency room to save his wife, who was unconscious, and after a while, "Kevin" felt very short of breath and felt that he was losing consciousness, but the emergency arrived at the right moment and saved the couple thanks to their cat, and it became clear that there were dangerous levels of monoxide gas in the house.

2- the cat "Tara"

The cat "Tara" was unable to stand still in front of a huge dog attacking her close friend "Jeremy", so she attacked the dog and prevented him from harming her friend.

Jeremy Triantafilo, 4 years old, was playing on his bike in front of his house when the neighbor's dog attacked him, and hit him hard, and dragged him on the ground, so Tara jumped and attacked the dog and kept him away from her friend.

The mom mentioned that "Jeremy" got 10 stitches and if Tara didn't save him it would have been a lot worse.

3- the cat "obi"

The cat "Obi" almost paid for the life of a three-year-old friend, as he took a bullet in his stead.

The mother, "Angelica Sibi," said that she suddenly heard the sound of glass shattering, and when she went out, she found her cat with a bullet and her three-year-old son sleeping next to him.

"Sibi" explained that a stray bullet would almost hit her son had it not been for the intervention of the cat "Obi", who took the bullet instead of her son, and "Obi" underwent surgery and recovered from it.

4- the cat "Messi"

The cat "Messi" saved his friend "Angela" from cancer after he began to act strangely sniffing her chest, which he had not done before. Angela felt something strange happening and some pain in her chest, so she went to the doctors who discovered the presence of cancer inside her body and for good luck, it was in its early stages.

Doctors emphasized that breast cancer is difficult to detect in its early stage, and that "Messi" saved her life.

5- The cat "Rizk"

cats saves their owners

The Egyptian cat "Rizk" managed to save his owners after they lit a fire to keep warm in the balcony and left the windows closed.

Sara, the owner of the cat, said that he kept moaning loudly, which led them to wake up before suffocating, and thus saved her life after she and her brothers were almost suffocating.

this was the 5 times when cats saved their owners from death, of course, there are hundreds of stories of hero cats around the world so do you know any incident? mention in the comments.

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