things that cats hates

Cats are cute creatures, they are sweet, playful, and sleepy most of the time
Although most of us believe that it is good to play with our cats and carry them constantly every time they pass by us, that may not be entirely true, as there are some things that we like to do with our cats even though what we do not know about is that they are not in favor of them at all. In this article, we have collected most of these things that our cats secretly hate.

1. Your cat secretly hates to be carried like a baby:

While some cats prefer to lie in their owners' lap and enjoy this, other cats may like to be carried by their owners and petted every time they return home after work, but what all cats hate is being carried like a baby. According to Healthy Pets, frequent carrying of cats develops a feeling of insecurity and an urgent desire to put them back on the ground, and carrying them like a baby worsens the situation, so while this may seem funny to you, they do not like it at all, so it is better to avoid it.

But if you love to carry cats like babies and you cannot give up this behavior, try to carry them for only a few seconds and do not prolong the period because the longer it lasts, the more it will increase its tension.

2. Your cat secretly hates taking pictures for it constantly:

You may be one of those who like to take pictures of their cats, but what you may be unaware of is that your cat definitely does not like you to keep putting your phone's camera in her face throughout the day and week, in addition to that, the camera light may cause a great disturbance to her.

And what you might not know dear reader, is that you trick it with a toy or something so that you get the image you wanted and then diverted your attention from it. That is a terrible thing to do with it, really! It was mentioned in Reader's Diges magazine that the least we could be given a penalty for its contribution and cooperation with us in taking those pictures was playing for some time.

3. Your cat secretly hates eye contact:

Cats communicate with each other through their eyes. For them, communication with the eyes means to impose hegemony and announce control. From it, if you shine your eyes first after eye contact with your cat, you will make them think that they have authority over you. Still, if you keep staring in their eyes for a relatively long period, then it may be considered as a threat and may be ready to attack you at any time, according to Feline Forever.

But if the cat blinked then looked away, then this is a good sign that indicates a good relationship that brings you together. It does not feel any threat from you.

4. Your cat secretly hates your attempt to imitate its meows:

Cats only meow to communicate with us humans, they do not do it with each other, but at the same time, they do not want or expect us to grow in response to them.

According to (National Geographic), cats resort to voice communication with us to draw our attention, whether that is because they need water, food, toys, or even foreplay, they have a variety in the tone of the meow voice that they use to denote each need for them separately, in their attempt Always get our attention.

According to Dr. (Gary Weitzman) President and CEO of "Human Society" in (San Diego) in the United States, when we try to meow in response to cats: "Although it appears to be a positive interaction with them, the cats remain unable to understand and absorb what We want or mean," something that bothers her very much.

5. Your cat  hates you when you dress it up:

If her attempt to scratch you and fight with you every time you try to get her to wear clothes doesn't convince you that she never likes it, what we're going to tell you may convince you: "Your cat hates to wear clothes and costumes!"

According to the Wide Open Pets website, cats do not like anything over their furs, often because they do not need it, and because it causes them a feeling of discomfort, as it restricts their freedom of movement. But if your cat does somehow not mind wearing different costumes, especially on birthdays and parties, just make sure that it fits perfectly and does not cause her any hindrance to move around and move smoothly, or hinders her from "eliminating her need."

6. Your cat secretly hates you when you offer it milk:

According to, most cats have great difficulties digesting lactose after puberty, so the notion that cats love milk is just a myth with no scientific basis.

Milk causes most cats discomfort in general as well as severe digestive problems about eight to ten hours after eating it. Although this does not mean that they will not eat it when placed in front of them, it will cause them to suffer greater than the potential benefit that it may provide them.

7. Your cat hates change:

Buying a new type of food for your cat, taking her on a car trip, moving to a new home, hosting strangers, or taking her to the vet may be stressful and uncomfortable. According to Pet Health Network, any necessary change should happen gradually to the cat to get used to it well, not to mention that some of the things mentioned above may cause us as human beings some of the tension and uneasiness. From it we must be somewhat understanding, If we are not comfortable with something, we should not be subject to the youngest of our families. Our cute cats.

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