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 Cats are very popular as loving pets around the world. Generally, all cats are characterized by being feisty and playful,  maybe this is the reason why they get so much admiration. Perhaps one of the most indications of its high popularity is the spread of numerous videos and pictures on social networks, that show different cats in strange, funny situations. It seems that many people have already had a cat fever!

Usually, people who own cats can form strong bonds with their pets. Despite this, it seems that cats have many secrets that are hidden from many. Here are some facts you probably do not know about these cute creatures:

Cats Are Lazy

All cat owners know that they are lazy, sleep-loving animals. But most of them do not actually realize that cats spend close to 70% of them asleep, without doing anything else at all. The number of their sleep hours is estimated at about 16 hours per day. Cats are carnivores, and this matter is hard and tiring work for them, as they consume a high amount of energy during attempts to catch prey. Therefore, this work must be followed by long periods of rest. It is worth noting that most domestic cats do not spend their day chasing the prey, but rather eat food from a special bowl,  despite that, they spend their day sleeping.

Cats' taste sense

Cats lack the precision in the sense of taste that enables them to perceive the taste of sweet foods. Therefore,  offering a piece of cake or candy to them does not work, this is why cats do not give any reaction when tasting something sweet.

Cats can drink salty water

While it is difficult for humans and sometimes impossible for them to be able to drink salty water, it seems that cats do not have any problem in this regard. Since cats have the advantage of filtering water from salt, so cats do not necessarily need to drink fresh water.

The language of cats

  Cats are characterized by having a somewhat complicated language.  They use different sounds to communicate with each other, or with other animals, or with humans. Cats tend to communicate with humans through meowing, and their meowing may mean many things, including hunger, or The desire to get attention. It is noted that each cat has its own voice so that the sound of one cat is not the same as the other cat.

Cats do dream

Cats can dream, this is one of the fantastic things that cats share with humans. They dream like humans dream, when they enter the stage of a deep sleep,  this is explained by the fact that cats' brains produce the same pattern of waves that the human brain produces during sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to know that when your cat is making noises while sleeping safely, it probably means that she has a dream.

Other facts about cats

 There are many other facts about cats that you should know, including the following:

  • Cats have around 30 sharp teeth in their mouths.
  • Cats' eyes contain a reflective layer,  this layer is known as (tapetum lucidum), and it amplifies the light. thus, seeing something better and 6 times clearer when the light is low.
  • Cats and dogs share a third eyelid, which is the membrane in the inner corner of the eye, it is considered an additional protective device for the eye.
  • The cat's ear contains approximately 32 muscles, while the human ear contains only 12 muscles, so the cat's ear muscles help it locate the prey.
  • The cat has a sharp tongue.
  • Cats cannot focus, see objects approaching 30 cm or more; This is because they have large eyes.
  • Cats don't like milk, nor any dairy product.
  • Home-bred cats live longer than street cats.

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