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cats are animals that belong to the group of mammals. cats are felines species, this group of species includes tigers, leopard, and other wild predators. they are considered as the smallest type of this species. Like other felines, Pet cats are characterized by strong, agile, and flexible bodies. they have long tails that help them to balance while walking and jumping around rugged places. Man first domesticated the cat about seven thousand years ago, and since then the cats have adapted to the human lifestyle and have become essential to human culture and human cities.

Cat Food

As for feeding cats, they can - to some extent - eat some of the food that humans eat. they are able to eat most of the cooked meat even if it is mixed with red tomato sauce, meat broth. it does not matter if the meat is boiled or grilled, but it is better than it is well cooked, This is to avoid the possibility that the cat will be infected with bacteria that spread in these meats. Although wild cats are used to eating raw meat and even the dead bodies of dead animals for days, the meat that humans consume is more dangerous to them, simply because it contains bacteria from the food of livestock and the industrial farm environments that humans place on them.

Cats also eat chicken, as it is an important source of protein. chicken bones are useful for cats as well, they do not mind eating them because they are easier to break compared to sheep or cow bones, etc.  eating liver meat may be very beneficial to cats, so there is no objection to serving chicken liver with its food from time to time. Fish is considered a very popular type of food for cats,  it is highly recommended for them but it must be cooked before serving it as it is for meat, chicken, and liver.  the fish gives the cat materials and nutrients that are very important to its health, such as iodine and phosphorus. also, it provides them with vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, And protein as well.  Canned cat tuna and sardines can be given, as domestic cats have a great tendency to eat fish, but this does not necessarily mean that it is the best food for them; Wild cats often live in dry environments and it is very rare to eat fish. If domestic cats eat fish as their main food, they will suffer from a lack of many types of minerals and vitamins, and therefore it should not be exaggerated by feeding them to cats, but it is useful when it is presented to them in a reasonable quantity.

Cats can feed on milk, cheese, and all dairy products in different stages of their lives, but on the contrary, the prevailing belief is that it is not considered a very good food for the cat, in fact, it may be dangerous in some cases. Milk and its derivatives are useful for cats when they are young, especially in the first eight weeks of their life before they are weaned, but when they grow and reach, consuming milk and its derivatives may cause problems. The ability of their digestive system to absorb lactose (which is the sugar present in milk) is greatly reduced, and they may become sensitive to milk, perhaps it may cause indigestion, diarrhea, and dehydration, all of this will negatively affect their health. In fact, the only thing that cats need to drink is water, and if the appropriate quantities are given to it, they will not need to drink anything else.

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