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Human influenza infection can be transmitted to cats, and some have even been infected with the COVID 19 virus. This is supported by laboratory evidence. There are also cases of isolation of dogs infected with the Coronavirus in Hong Kong. However, none of the cats or dogs that were infected with the COVID 19 virus became seriously ill and Scientists are investigating to find out why. the virus does not reproduce itself in animal cells in the same way it does in human cells.

Can a dog or cat transmit the coronavirus to humans?

This is highly unlikely to happen, according to scientists and veterinarians There are no cases in which the COVID 19 virus was transmitted from a pet to a human. So was the case during the 2013 SARS outbreak, a virus closely related to COVID 19.

Could a pet's fur carry the coronavirus if an infected person touched or rubbed it?

"This is could be possible in theory, as fur is like any other surface, like a person's hands or clothes, but such a situation has not occurred yet," says Dr. Rachel Tarlenton, associate professor of infectious disease control at the University of Nottingham College of Veterinary Medicine.

The same usual advice applies to wash hands with soap and water thoroughly after touching any pet or things like collars that are placed in the necks of animals. To protect each other now, the British Royal Society for the Protection of Animals advises that it is best to avoid kissing your pet.

How do I keep my pet safe during the period of self-isolation?

If you have to put yourself in self-isolation, it's worth thinking about how to provide for your pet's needs. The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals says that you can leave dogs in your garden, or outside the front door so they can take care of their need.
If you have a cat that lives in your home, keep it indoors with any other member of the family. Also, clean its litter box.
If you have a cat that lives outside the home, try to keep your interactions with it minimal. If you are ill, do not keep constant contact with your pets.

What are the rules for walking the dog?

If you have a dog that needs to walk regularly, you can go out with him, but by following the preventive measures and street walking regulations in your country, And remember, whether you play sports alone or with a family member, the distance is at least 2 meters from the others all the time. The government did not provide advice as to whether or not to keep the dog in its collar, but some parks and gardens in Britain, including the Royal Gardens, strongly recommend keeping it in the collar. So that it is easy to adhere to the advice of social separation.

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