fox and a cat

Many cats owners let their cats lurk around to explore during the day and bring them back home in the evening because they are concerned about the belief that their beloved feline can be attacked and eating by foxes during the night. so, do foxes really eat cats?

The very short answer to that question is it is possible but very unlikely. so many stray cats are out in the night and they meet with foxes every night but they ignore each other. but in very rare cases they fight and it's often the fox that comes off worse in the encounter.

Do Foxes Attack Cats – Will A Fox Attack A Cat?

Foxes are predators by nature and they keep looking for food, they like to eat earthworms, chickens, rabbits, mice, etc. however, they can attack unwell adult cats and kittens and may even eat them but only when they run of other food supplies but they don't attack adult healthy cats because they can defend themselves against the predator. sometimes a cat dies naturally or encounters a road accident and the fox is likely to eat it which makes this situation misinterpreted as the fox has killed the cat.

if you are concerned about your cat being attacked by a fox try to follow these steps:

  • if possible always keep your cat indoors at night
  • if you can't keep your cat indoor set up a cat fence or a wall of spikes to keep your cat confined to the garden.
  • use a good fox deterrent around the perimeter of your house
  • Foxes will be entering/exiting your garden via several routes, through bushes, under or over fences/walls, though open gates/doors. so make sure to Block these Entrances and Exits Points.
  • Foxes prefer the darkness of the evening and nighttime, the last thing they want is a bright light suddenly and unexpectedly switching on, so try to Light Up The Garden.
  • If foxes are digging under walls and fences, you can secure the ground with a foot or so of concrete to block all the Underground Entrance Points.

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