rijik cat

The apricot Rijik cat was found in the streets of Tomsk in Siberia in the bitter cold and its four legs were completely frozen. and it would have become The latest winter victims in Siberia had it not been found by animal protection volunteers and taken to the Russian veterinarian Sergei Gorshkov in Novosibirsk, about 200 km away.

Rijik has lived a normal life for two years at the Gorshkov Clinic, moving across four prostheses. These limbs were fitted to him using a technique similar to that used in human dental implants.

Gorshkov said Rijik was one of the first cats in the world to have artificial legs implanted in his bones using this technique.

"In general, these cats try to keep themselves warm and stand on the ends of their legs, so it is possible for their legs, ears, noses, and tails to freeze."
Demkha is another cat with whom Gorshkov has installed artificial limbs. She has soft gray hair and lives with her owner in Novokuznisk, 300 kilometers southeast of Novosibirsk.

rijik with artificial legs

Despite her fickle personality and four artificial legs, she lives a normal life as a domestic cat. "It is running, jumping and playing, its owner sends pictorials showing how to move. It is a great result and I am very pleased, we did not expect that," Gorshkov said.

He added that he used this technique with small dogs, but it cannot be applied to all animals that need artificial limbs.

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