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The American curl has a very distinctive shape, in addition to the splendor of his ears, he also has a silky and shiny coat that is classified as medium in length. Also, he has a wonderful personality that makes him a lovely cat for all members of the family. As for the origin of this breed, he was found for the first time in 1981 in the United States of America, exactly the state of California.

The Origins Of The American Curl Cat

The American Curl breed is really quite new. it was indeed registered in 1985 and the first kitten, a female by the way, who presented this curious mutation of the ears, was a vagabond collected in 1981 by the Ruga couple, in Lakewood. The kitten had a litter among which at least two kittens had the same ears as their mother, and a family friend presented them at an exhibition in Palm Springs, where they obtained a great success among breeders and the public.

The gene which determines this particular curvature of the ears is dominant, which means that it is enough that one of the two parents is a carrier to obtain this form in the kitten. there is three degrees of inclination of the ears. The first, which is also the least appreciated, gives the ear a barely marked curvature, the second shows a frankly curved ear while with the third appears the truly characteristic shape called "crescent moon".

The ideal cat

Well proportioned and of medium size, the  American Curl cat weighs from 2.5 to 5 kg; it reaches maturity around two to three years. Its medium-sized head has the shape of a triangle that is longer than it is wide; his nose is straight and forms a soft curve connecting to the top of the skull; the muzzle is neither pointed nor square and the chin strong and regular.

The ears, which are moderately large, have a degree of curvature of 90 ° or more. They are wide at the base and curved backward in a uniform arc with rounded tips; well erect and placed at the angles of the head, they are bent backward relative to the muzzle and have small tufts at the top and obvious straight internal hairs.

The eyes are widely spread and of medium size, they have the shape of a walnut and are slightly tilted; their color has nothing to do with that of the coat, except for the pointed ones. The body is semi-slender, of a length equivalent to one and a half times the height at the shoulder. the size and the framework are medium, neither heavy nor fine. the legs with solid muscles and the round feet are proportioned to the body and have the same characteristics.

The tail, rather broad at the base, becomes thinner towards the tip and it is as long as the body. The coat of the American long-haired Curl is, as we have already said, mid-long and close to the body, without thickness because the undercoat is almost non-existent; its texture is silky and the tail, in full coat, is feathery. The coat of the American Short-haired Curl has no undercoat, it adheres to the body and has the same texture as for the long-haired variety; the length of the hair covering the tail is the same as that of the body.

The character

The American Curl cat is resolutely a naughty cat because it combines lively intelligence with enormous liveliness and curiosity, which leads it to do stupid things and, sometimes, even pushes it to accomplish petty thefts. But all this is done with joy and we forgive him everything thanks to his sympathetic side and to the love he dedicates to his owner.

The American Curl is often considered sociable and affectionate.

It is important to offer them interactive and autonomous play sessions every day so that their exercise and stimulation needs are met.

Like many cats, it enjoys resting in height or near humans.

His impressive cognitive capacities and his energy can facilitate his acclimatization to new conditions.

Fearful/wary of strangers:
This cat generally shows interest in new things.

The American Curl can adapt to a rather lonely life, but many individuals demonstrate great sociability.


Usually, he vocalizes little… but we can always have surprises!

It is important to feed this cat in interactive bowls to fill its need for stimulation and manage its appetite.

Need for exercise:
This is an active and energetic breed with a great need for exercise.

Active and curious, this feline has the reputation of being an explorer cat. It's necessary to be vigilant!


The American Curl and Dogs:
This cat can live with a dog, but it is important to introduce them to each other gradually. A living environment with multiple heights facilitates cohabitation. The way the kitten has been socialized has a great influence on its sociability with dogs.

The American Curl and Other cats:
It generally cohabits well with feline congeners. However, several factors influence the good understanding between the cats of a house, such as the way they were presented to each other and their living environment.

The American Curl and Children:
Playful and energetic, it is suitable for active families with children. It is important to supervise contacts with toddlers to teach them a respectful approach and to ensure a good understanding of all parties.

The American Curl and the Elderly: 
Since it is active, it might be suitable for quieter people only if they are ready to invest time to play and stimulate their cat.

On average, the price of an American Curl kitten inbreeding is between $1,000-$2,000. This cost varies, in particular, depending on the lineage, the breeding, the age, or the sex. For the monthly budget, it takes an average of $38 / month to cover his food or medical needs and to keep him healthy for many years!

The  American Curl cat is a healthy cat with a robust constitution which therefore does not require special care; as usual, you should plan to brush it regularly to maintain the shine of its hair. Also, watch his ears and regularly clean the inside (never with a cotton swab).

Brushing the hair and cleaning the ears weekly is sufficient.

Hair loss:
Since it generally has a sparse undercoat, hair loss is limited, both for individuals with long and short coats.

Considering that he is very active, it is important to offer him a quality diet appropriate to his level of activity and his pace of life.

Life expectancy
On average, its longevity is 13 to 15 years, but many individuals can live even longer.

Resistant / robust:
In the absence of a protective undercoat, it is considered to be moderately resistant to thermal variations and extreme temperatures. However, his overall health is generally considered robust.

The tendency to get fatter:
Many factors increase the risks of feline obesity, such as age, environment, diet, and activity of the cat. The American Curl does not develop overweight if its needs for physical activities are met and its diet is adequate.

Frequent diseases:
No particular disease is recognized, probably because of the great genetic diversity within the breed. The ear curvature gene does not appear to affect other anatomical or physiological aspects of cats. Hearing is not altered in any way. Thus, the mutation causing the shape of the ears is not considered harmful. An annual medical check-up is nevertheless recommended, certain individuals may suffer from the same pathologies as other domestic cats.

Marriages are authorized between American Curl with long or short hairs.
Average litters are 5 kittens.

Things to know:
Kittens are born with straight ears. They begin to arch around four to seven days and the curvature does not take its final shape until around the 16th week or even later.

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