Japanese 'Cat Island'

Japanese 'Cat Island'

Cats Island

  Oshima Island is the only inhabited island of the islands surrounding Lake Biwa in Japan, and this lake is considered one of the oldest lakes in the world, in addition to being the largest source of fresh water in Japan. It is full of cats, so it is called Cats Island, where tourists can see these cats in all places such as the streets, around docks, and other places.

The history of cats island

citizens of cats island are people descended of samurai origin. which are ancient warriors in Japan. Seven samurai were defeated in a battle in a Japanese village during the twelfth century. They fled with their families to Cats Island and hid there over the years, and nowadays the majority of the locals earn their livelihood by fishing in the Freshwater lake Biwa.

Strange facts about Cats Island

  •  There are many strange facts about Cats Island, including the following:
  •  Cats feed on the food provided by the inhabitants of Oshima Island in addition to what tourists give them, such as rice balls.
  •  Previously, Oshima Island had a mice problem, due to the villagers' use of silkworms as bait for fishing, so cats were brought in to solve the problem.
  •  More than 10 kittens have been neutered on Oshima Island in an attempt to control the growing cat population.
  •  Only thirty-four tourists are allowed to enter Oshima Island.
  •  There are more cats than humans on Oshima Island, so the proportion of cats is 100 to 15 in relation to humans.
  •  Japan is famous for its love of cats, so there is another island full of cats, which is Tashirojima Island.

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