5 steps to make your cat love you

steps to make your cat love you

Cats are animals that are known for betrayal and treachery, although practical experiences prove quite the opposite, so all that the cat needs is the care and a sense of affection and tenderness.

But in order to reach a good relationship between us and our cats, we must follow some healthy steps that we're able to win the love and trust of our cats.

Can cats really love humans?

  It is known that cats do not show their love towards individuals, which makes understanding them or determining whether they love their owner is not that easy, and in this context, experts refer to a group of signs indicating the cat’s love for its owner; For example, the cat tries to physically touch its owner; As cats love to interact with the person or thing they love, to bring gifts to the person they love, such as a dead mouse, a frog or insects, and on the other hand, the cat’s issuance of a grouchy sound or what is also known as a cat’s purr is evidence of the cat’s love for its owner

Steps to build a good relationship with your cat:

1- Food

Presenting the cat's favorite food on regular dates, makes him always wait for you, and gets him used to eating his meals from your hand, which builds confidence between you and confirms your love for him.

2- playtime

Dedicating times to play, choosing, and creating some entertaining games for him, which help him to exert his energy positively, such as playing with small balls and tying them with a thread, presenting nylon bags for fun.

3- petting

There are some ways and places through which we can bring the cat closer to us and gain his love and loyalty, by touching over it, such as the bottom of the chin, the top of the head, the area between the eyes, and the neck from the back.

4- Preference

The cat feels happy when he feels that we prefer him over other cats or even other guests, especially if they are children.

5- Punishment

Punishment also brings positive results. Showing love all the time makes the cat accustomed to this treatment and loses its value. As for punishment, it pushes the cat to do whatever it pleases to its owner.

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