Larry the Cat

Larry the cat set a record for his job inside the British seat of government after spending longer than the heads of government themselves at the seat of government.

Larry, who has been entrusted with the task of the chief mice hunter, is celebrating the decade of his being at 10 Downing Street (the seat of the British government).

On February 15, 2011, former Prime Minister David Cameron enlisted the cat to solve the mice crisis, in one of the world's most famous headlines.

And the cat embarked on a rescue mission in the new home and has been a popular resident ever since.

According to the British government website, Larry spends his days "greeting guests ... inspecting security defenses and testing the quality of antique furniture to get a nap."

Larry the Cat

Larry's missions include "thinking of a solution to the persistent mice problem", which made him fertile media material, and he often stole the spotlight from senior visitors to the headquarters.

Larry witnessed prime ministers come and go and managed to drive his rival cat, Palmerston, to anchor longer than any of his occupants.

Ironically, Larry was able to remove his rival cat Palmerston from his position to anchor his foot in place for longer than any of his occupants.

Larry began his career as a stray cat who had entered the Battersea cat and dog house, but no one had imagined that his life would be so wonderful.

Not only did Larry prove to be a brilliant ambassador for the house, which dates back to 1860; It has also shown millions of people around the world just how amazing rescue cats can be.

Security threat

Stayed to lend his support to Theresa May, the former British Prime Minister was captured live while being forcibly removed from a sunbathing spot and escorted away by security as she announced she was leaving her position.

Larry the Cat

Now Pat Larry works under the supervision of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and in December 2020 he was seen adding to the drama of Brexit by getting into a fight with a pigeon, according to the Guardian.

The cat raced to chase the bird outside the prime minister's official residence while reporters waited to hear Johnson; They watched the cat and their cameras were on standby.

Larry also met a number of world leaders, including former US President Barack Obama in 2011, and although the cat is usually unfriendly towards men, he did not mind Obama.

Larry the Cat

And when former US President Donald Trump visited London in 2019, Larry was spotted creating a potential security threat by taking an afternoon nap under Trump's car.

However, Larry is still less popular with his feline rival Palmerston, who lived in the State Department until his retirement in August 2020.

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