train cats to know their name

Teaching the cat its name and making it respond when called requires a lot of patience and treats. Teaching kittens is easier than teaching older cats. If your cat is young, hurry to teach it. If it is old, choose an easy name for it and be patient my friend.

Why should I teach my cat its name?

This will make it easier for you to find and call them to eat or check them if you want to get out of the house so that they are not trapped somewhere without you noticing and remain stuck there, and teaching your cat its name will increase the familiarity and communication between you and your cat.

Choosing a name for your cat

you must choose an easy, short name. So that the cat can easily recognize it, and it is preferred that it have a beautiful, distinctive impact on the ear.

The shorter the name is, The more easily the cat can recognize it, the easier it will be to train him.

you should not change the name. Especially if the cat gets used to it Because that would confuse her.

Use only one name when calling the cat, and avoid using any other name to spoil the cat. Since calling her more than one name may confuse her most of the time.

you can also choose a name from our list of male cats names and female cats names

train cats to know their name

When is the right time to teach cats their name?

The younger the cats are, The greater and the faster the chance to teach it, and for older cats, it takes longer time than kittens, as kittens are usually quick to respond to the learning process; Compared to older cats.

This is how you should train your cat its name

In order to train your cats to memorize their name, experts advise using the reward system, meaning food. There is no effective way better than training cats on their name through the reward with food, so that you will, for example, take a piece of meat or any food your cats like and then go to the cat you want to train and then wait until the cat sees the food and then calls the name that you want to name it by way of supposing that you want to name your cat lily, you will first take a piece of fish, for example, then you go to the cat and call it by name and when she sees the food in your hand, she will come to you and do this while you call on Her name.

You should repeat this act whenever you have time, where the cats will associate the name that was called with food so that whenever you call them by the name, they will come searching for food, they will understand little by little that this name that you are calling her is a call to food and so. you will notice, dear reader, that the cat is gradually getting used to Her name.

As we mentioned when you call the cat by its name, do not forget to give it a treat with a small piece of food and not a large meal. Don't forget to reward the cat whenever you call out and she responds to you.

After you make sure that your cat gets used to the name and associates it with food, you will gradually try to call her without giving her food, but do not make the mistake that most breeders make, which is calling the cat and then leaving, as your cats may get used to that calling the name means that you will leave and do not care about it, so she will not To come to you.

You must call her by her name and then play with her instead of giving her food. For example, you will call her in her name, and when she comes to you in search of food,  pet her and play with her a little until you notice that she is satisfied with playing and leave her alone, then next time you call her and then gives her food and at the time, The next time caresses her and so on until she forgets the food and forgets to associate it with the food.

With time, your cat will know that the name that you were calling her for food has become for petting and playing. Finally, when you apply this and give your cat some time to get used to the training, you will have an obedient, gentle, and intelligent cat as well, but as I mentioned, give it only some time.


Choose a suitable name for your cat

Do not scold your cat with her name so that she does not fear and hate it. Rather, suffice with the word "no."

Try to use the same tone of voice when calling her so that she gets used to the name and distinguishes it.

Do not call her by a name other than her.

Repetition and patience are the only ways to train your cat.

In the beginning, you should use the rewards to bring the cat when calling it, and with days it will get used to and become present without the need to reward it.

Food is the most effective way to train a cat and make it feel good toward you.

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