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Cats are gentle creatures that are loved by all people, as they are indispensable in every home. they are considered clean animals that love to play and have fun. cats spend their daytime sleeping and they are especially active at night. the cat lives for up to 8 years to 16 years when taking care of it, and maintaining its health and care well. in this article, we will highlight some practical methods on how to get rid of cat hair on clothes and furniture in your house, but before that, we will mention some causes of the cat's hair loss.

cat hair

Causes of cat hair loss

there are several different reasons that might cause cat hair loss in both short hair cats and even long-hair cats such as the Shirazi cat. however, the main reason might be the emergence of certain diseases or certain health condition such as:
The appearance of fungi and parasites under the skin.
The presence of worms in the intestine of cats.
The appearance of fleas on the skin and hair of cats.
Anxiety and tension in cats from changing the home location.
Cleaning their hair all the time.
Hormones change in the life and growth stages of cats.

Ways to get rid of cat hair loss

as we mentioned earlier, Cat hair loss appears through the presence of diseases in the cat or at times when cats change their hair.  cat hair loss may cause annoyance and anxiety for their breeders through the hair getting stuck in clothes and furniture,  this happens when playing with the cat or the cat keeps wandering around the house always. to get rid of  Cat hair loss in the home we suggest to try the following methods:

1- The vacuum cleaner
If the vacuum cleaner is strong suction, it will be a good option to remove lint and hair from clothes and furniture. also, it is one of the easiest ways that help to solve the problem of stuck hair on furniture and clothes.

cat hair

2- The comb for hair removal
The comb is available in stores that sell pet supplies or at veterinarians .it helps to solve the problem of hair stuck on clothes and furniture and works like rubber gloves with electricity.

3- Adhesive tape
you can find this tape in specialized stores for pet supplies and facilitates the cleaning process. it gets rid quickly of hair loss and it is placed in the areas where the hair has accumulated and passes over them to catch all the stuck hair .it  pulls it out quietly, remove the dirty piece, and get rid of it in an easy way .also,  it is sold at a low price.

cat hair

4- Rubber gloves
This method is effective and one of the easiest ways to get rid of cat hair stuck in clothes and furniture, by moistening the gloves with a little water and drying them a little, then wiping the clothes with rubber gloves, then the cat hair is transferred to the gloves due to static electrical charges or by the action of moisture, then clean the gloves with water.

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