cat fleas

Cat fleas
 fleas are small insects that are similar in size to lice. However, they are fast-flying and jumping. As a result, they are likely to spread their eggs through the house, aslo you might even find them on your clothes, The house, and even your body. This will cause severe discomfort in your home, but you do not need to worry because, in this article, we will mention some of the most effective ways to get rid of fleas.

Pet owners often wonder whether cat fleas bite humans or not; they will be very disappointed when they know that the answer is yes. In fact, cat fleas can bite humans. Most pet owners exterminate cat fleas because it is an essential step when owning a new cat.

Cat fleas can bite humans

Most people do not know that cat fleas can bite humans. They notice that there are a few small bright red spots above and below their arms or legs. And they consider this as nothing but a  coincidence because the cat sometimes scratches their owners. They do not expect that cat flea is responsible For the plight of their skin.
What you do not know is that many pets become infected with many diseases from other stray animals such as dogs as well as other cats, but it is interesting that fleas are found in dogs more than cats. However, cat fleas remain the biggest enemy of both the cat and its owners.
Flea bites can become very annoying for humans who are allergic to insect bites; in such cases, small red spots caused by fleas are exacerbated and formed in large red piles.

cat fleas bites

How to get rid of cat fleas?

  Use a flea comb
  The flea comb is one of the ways that fleas and their eggs can be removed from cat hair. the following steps are likely to help you using this solution for more effective results:

  • Dipping the comb in hot, soapy water, after each pass on the hair to remove the fleas from the comb.
  • Combing towards hair growth.
  • Repeat the steps more than once to get the desired results.

Cat showers

 A bath can kill most flea remaining on cats after the combing step. In this process, it is not necessary to use a shampoo intended to kill or drown fleas, but a regular bath suffices with the use of mild cat shampoo or baby shampoo. Though it is possible to use rice shampoo, Eucalyptus, lavender, or shampoo with a high content of citrus fruits; They all act as a flea repellent.  On the other hand, some people may want to use shampoo for flea disposal. In this case, it should be used as an aid to get rid of fleas and not a significant treatment. also, it shouldn't   be used as a preventive measure, since in  both cases the cat will need to bath daily, which is not healthy for cats

Bed-washing to kill fleas

  to kill fleas in the house, you must wash the bed, including bed sheets, pillowcases, and carpets. They should be inserted in batches into the washing machine, washed with warm or hot water, and then transferred to the hot dryer until they dry completely. To ensure the final disposal of fleas, this step can be repeated. Again,  remember to avoid washing with cold water even if the fabric instructions say so; As heat is necessary to kill fleas and their eggs. If it is impossible to clean the mattress, it must be disposed of and replaced with a new one.

Vacuum cleaning

  Regular vacuuming reduces fleas and eggs, which are found in carpets, cracks in wooden floors, curtains, or upholstered furniture. Therefore, it is advised to vacuum all of the aforementioned, in addition to the areas where the pet sleeps and it's eating areas. finally, the vacuum cleaner container and the disposal of garbage bags should be emptied directly to prevent flea from getting into the house again.

Get rid of fleas in the yard

  On the market, there are many products that can get rid of fleas in the yard of the house or outdoors in general. but,  before using any product make sure to read the instructions carefully; Since some products are toxic.   use the chosen by attaching it to the water hose used for irrigation of the garden, then it will be sprayed in all areas containing fleas, make sure to stay away from flowers or vegetables.

cat fleas

Home remedies to get rid of cat fleas

 Use boiled lemon
 The aroma of natural oils from boiled citrus helps to kill flea bugs. This method is used by cutting three to four grains of lemon into smooth slices, placing them in a bowl filled with water, then boiling them on fire for half an hour, then lifting boiled lemon from the fire, Filter it, then pour it into a spray can. This can be used to spray carpets, pets, and other places where fleas are seen. Boiled lemon can be replaced with a mixture of lavender oil and water for people who do not prefer the smell of citrus.

Use lemon and chamomile
  Lemon is anti-insect citrus. To kill fleas, lemon juice can be mixed with a little water in a ratio of 1 to 1 part, then put it in a spray bottle, and sprinkle a little of it on the cat. As for the chamomile, it can be used by adding an appropriate amount of it to Water, leave it to boil, then set aside, and filter it as soon as it cools,  then when the remains of chamomile are taken,  soak a piece of fabric in the chamomile and apply the mixture to the cat's entire body.

Use baking soda and salt
  The mixture of baking soda and salt contributes to choking and killing fleas. it can be used by mixing two equal amounts of baking soda and salt in the water, sprinkling it on the rug, pet beds, and all other flea locations, leaving it for three to four hours, then clean it well with a vacuum cleaner.

Other home ways to get rid of fleas

There are many other home remedies that can help you to  get rid of fleas in cats, including the following:
 Fleas repel the smell of sawdust, so it can be placed around where cats sleep, or around the home garden, or spray Cedar Tree Oil on their fur, or by placing several drops on the cat's collar, which is safe oil.
 The use of spices is one of the ways in which fleas can be disposed of in cats, by mixing a teaspoon of oregano oil with three teaspoons of olive oil and applying the mixture to most areas where the fleas gather, such as the tail, neck, and back Ears and abdomen. Rosemary leaves can also be used by grinding them and applying the powder to places where cats sit at home.
the salt:
 Salt helps to kill fleas on cats and helps kill fleas and eggs that are on the carpet. it is used by spraying salt on the carpet, or by mixing an amount of it with Water to wipe hard surfaces.
Apple cider vinegar:
 Apple cider vinegar helps get rid of fleas in cats. it is used by mixing two parts of apple cider vinegar with one part of Water,  then spray the mixture on the cat's fur.

Use medications to get rid of fleas

  It is advisable to consult a vet to familiarize yourself with the types of medications used to eliminate fleas.  it is preferable to purchase medicines from the vet himself; This is because some medicines sold in pet stores may harm cats. it is possible to choose between immediate topical medications or oral medications,  it is also important to inform the doctor about the presence of children or pregnant women at home; This enables them to determine the safest medication for them and their cat.

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