training a dog

Training your dog is not that hard as you may think. patience, dedication, and simple tactics are the keys to obtain successful training. the following five tips on how to train your dog are simple steps to reach your goal.

One Trainer

First, the dog must have one trainer, having many people trying to train your dog at the same time might create confusion and difficulty to learn to recognize commands. the second tip is to use positive reinforcement, i.e a good behavior must be rewarded so that your dog will know that what he did was right. however, you should keep in mind that if your dog cannot understand or follow your commands, do not push him, after all, they are not humans to expect high intelligent, also you should bear in mind that they will not understand your commands easily from the first teaching, repetition of training will give you desirable results.

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 The third tip is to start teaching your dog the basics. here you should teach him commands one at a time till he absorbs it because teaching him multiple commands a time will confuse him and refrain him from learning any of the commands. the four tips to train a dog successfully is keeping your voice cheerful in executing commands, dogs respond to low and coaxing voice, shouting out loud may make him startled and not following your commands.

Different places

 The last tip is you should train your dog in different places. variation of training places will make him able to adjust with the new environment, instead of keeping your dog in a certain place like your house, take him to the park or neighborhood, where he can associate with other dogs and people. in the end, your dog training might be tough and a bit time-consuming, however, it is never wasted especially when your trained dog may save your life one day and pay you back all your efforts.

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