It is not difficult to find someone who can sell you a puppy, but it is not easy to make sure that his character and health are at their best just from looking at him. thus, the ideal available option for you to find the puppy you are looking for is to choose a reputable dog breeder. the first thing you need to know is that a dog breeder is an expert in the breed he is specialized in, he will be able to provide you with a guarantee and he will help you a great deal in finding the puppy you are looking for. but the question you might ask at this point is: how do I make sure that he is a good breeder?

   The following tips will help you in choosing a good dog breeder. the first thing you need to consider is to ask people who are in constant connection with dogs. vets an groomers are a good option to start with, they will help you by providing you with some good suggestions. the second thing you should pay attention to is to avoid choosing a dealer out of the classifieds, simply because a reputable breeder does not need advertisement in the classified. moreover, a reputable breeder will give you lifetime support above the one year guarantee unlike finding someone in the newspapers who will not offer any guarantee or forty-eight hours guarantee. whatever happens to the puppy in six months, they will simply say it is not their problem.

   Another tip to distinguish a good breeder is that they care about the type they are breeding, they will help their breed in case the buyer could not take care of the puppy. he will take the puppy back. the majority of breeders do not refund money, but they still care about the puppy they bred once.
there are many other signs and clues that prove if you are dealing with a good breeder or not a good one. the environment, the upbringing, and the health condition of the puppy are strong indicators of the breeder standards.

    The clean and spacious environment is a significant sign that you are dealing with good dog breeders. moreover, if you noticed that the puppy has a pleasant temperament and a healthy look then it is a good sign about the breeder. however, if you see a puppy with running nose, unclear eyes, and not wagging his tail then it's a clear sign of what kind of breeders you are dealing with.

   You may also consider talking and finding out about the breeder before seeing the puppy. check if they have kids or are involved in social activities because generally, puppy millers do not have time for such things. this step is important because if you went to see the puppy then it will be easier for him to convince You. you can see the puppy's parents assess their demeanor, but remember to keep a distance from dogs that look strangely aggressive or fearful.

   You are supposed to have some information about the breed you are interested in, make sure to ask the breeder any question concerning this breed, especially asking about chronic conditions and special health care. do not forget to ask the breeder about any detail you do not know or concerned about. In the end, many breeders spent years learning about their passion breed, a good breeder will be concerned if you are going to be a good owner because he cares a lot about the puppies and the new home they are going to live in. after all their ultimate goal is not money, at least for most of them.

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